1. ONE ATTEMPT DELIVERY : Only ONE attempt for delivery will be made. Please confirm the availability of the recipient. If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, a second attempt will not be made and the order will be cancelled. NO refund will be made in such a case.

2. ADDRESS CHANGE REQUESTS : NO address change requests are accepted.

3. IF PIN CODE ENTERED IN THE ADDRESS SECTION IS INCORRECT : It is the recipient’s responsibility to provide the correct Pin Code in the address of delivery. The Pin Code should map to the correct delivery address. Sometimes the address mentioned does not correspond to the Pin Code of that area.

a) IF THE ADDRESS ENTERED IS OF NON-SERVICEABLE AREA, the order stands cancelled and NO refund will be initiated. (The system checks Pin Code for delivery verification and may accept an order when the Pin Code entered is of serviceable area and address is not.)

b) IF OUR TEAM CONTACTS YOU REGARDING THE WRONG PIN CODE IN ADDRESS, AND YOU WANT TO GET THE DELIVERY DONE TO THE NEW PIN CODE, the charges of the newly added Pin Code will apply, as per the Delivery Channel Partner’s instructions. The order CANNOT be cancelled or refunded in case you do not wish to pay for the correct Pin Code’s charges.

4. EXECUTION OF THE ORDER WILL BE CONSIDERED SUCCESSFUL AND COMPLETE : In cases like Wrong Address mentioned by sender, premises where delivery has to be made is locked, recipient of the order is not available, and the recipient has refused to receive the order due to personal reasons (and NOT due to products/services of YummyTales).

5. EXECUTION OF THE ORDER WILL BE CONSIDERED SUCCESSFUL AND COMPLETE : In case of permission not granted to our Delivery Executive to enter the delivery location. For example, the orders where the delivery locations are premises like hospitals, Govt agencies, societies, resorts hotels, any personal or public property, etc., and the recipient number is not reachable.

6. DELIVERY TIMINGS, IF PROMISED CANNOT BE GUARANTEED : In case of special circumstances like extreme weather conditions, riots, strikes, elections, bandhs, during rush days like Diwali, Pongal, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Rakhi, New Year Eve, etc., the order cancellation would NOT be possible in such circumstances and the order will be executed on consecutive days.

7. TRACK YOUR ORDER : You will get an email in your registered mailbox for every successful order in and you will be notified with a Tracking Number once the order is shipped through the courier partner. You can track the status of your order delivery on the courier partner’s website or through the local contact of the mentioned courier company.